Inspirational Travel Blogs

Inspirational Travel Blogs

One significant reality of life is that you simply cannot do everything on your own – and besides, would you truly want to? I’ve created this page to highlight some of my favorite inspirational travel blogs. Without inspiration, can you discern your passion? And without passion, can you inspire others? You see, the two go hand-in-hand. When I decided a few months back that traveling was something that I really wanted to do, I started researching. Everywhere.

I would type into Google “traveling after college” or “traveling for beginners.”  So many blogs would pop up – from the creative and artfully detailed, to the more simple and right-to-the-point travel journals, each as unique as their creators. I would read blogs from seasoned travelers,  nomadic novices, and everyone in between. I find blogs whose writers exude passion and have a contagious spirit for adventure. Reading their stories is so inspiring, and not to mention incredibly informative – I’ve learned so much from these individuals.

You see, learning about others’ experiences is so rewarding in about a million different ways – I love discovering new ideas and ways to enjoy life, to reach out there and grab what you want to be yours. You know that feeling in your chest when you see or hear something that just melts you? It undeniably strikes a deep chord within you, and it ignites a ravenous fire in the deepest trenches of your soul .. That’s how I feel when I read about people who have followed their dreams… they realized what they wanted in life, determined what they must do to get there – sweat and tears – and eventually…they got there. These people illuminate everything beautiful in this world.


kim dinan travel blog
Kim Dinan of

 So Many Places

One of the very first blogs that I encountered was So Many Places. This blog chronicles the incredible journey of Kim and her husband, Brian, who quit their jobs to travel and truly experience life.

I have learned so much from Kim, like how to find the courage to do what’s necessary to go after your dreams (no matter how difficult that may be), how to save for your journey, and how to appreciate all the small, beautiful things in life each and every day. I love Kim’s blog – I follow her religiously.

Kim also just published a book called Life on Fire. In this, Kim lays out the fundamental steps she took to understand her dreams and then which paths she took to achieve them. She takes readers on a literary journey from self-actualization, to allowing yourself to conquer your fears, and finally to explaining the evolution of dreams over time.

This guide book is for anyone, not just for travelers, who have a hunger for more and for those who seek truth and personal freedom. Kim has a lot to offer and her energy just radiates in her words. You can find her book here.


inspirational travel blogs nomadic matt

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a household name – er worldwide name – in the travel industry. Since 2006, Matt has been traveling all over the world, and has defined what it means to be a nomad. He’s written a variety of books and travel guides, and has been featured by some of the leading media outlets in the United States. He’s a travel connoisseur who continues to inspire those who seek the same type of freedom and adventure in their lives. And bonus, Matt truly cares about his fellow travelers. He’s a winner in my book.


Inspirational Travel Blogs
Hannah of Further Bound

Further Bound

Perseverance and dedication are extremely vital when transforming your life to fuse with your dreams, and that’s exactly what Hannah of Further Bound had when she set out to travel for a living. When she saw that life just hadn’t planted that spark within her yet, she buckled down and began creating the life she wanted.

In her blog she opens up about the debt that she was in, like so many of us, and dug her way out of it while also building up her savings! It is truly admirable when people show just how possible it is to tackle even the toughest obstacles in the pursuit of your dreams. I really admire Hannah’s commitment and vigor – she took one step at a time and is now relishing in her vision of success and happiness.


Claire from Vegetating Earth
Claire of Vegetating Earth

Vegetating Earth

I love coming across blogs that I can really relate to. Claire from Vegetating Earth is a young woman who sees something different, she sees what this world has to offer and she wants to be a part of it. Claire is saving up to travel the world – to experience life in a way that her heart is calling her to.

With a whole lot of spirit, Claire decided after graduate school that she wanted something unique, something more meaningful to her. In her blog, Claire talks about the student loan debt that crept up behind her, and her many sacrifices to get it paid off. I can’t wait to see where Claire’s voyage takes her when she jets off in February!


the traveluster travel blog
Lindsay (left) from Traveluster

The Traveluster

From an early age Lindsay got to hop around the world with her family, so traveling is certainly nothing new to her. On The Traveluster travel blog, Lindsay discusses the importance of seeing other parts of the world and why interacting with people of other cultures is always a priceless experience. When you immerse yourself in diverse ways of life, you open yourself up to unparalleled adventures.

One of my favorite articles of Lindsay’s is her “Meet South Africa” piece where she captures some of the most breathtaking photos of brilliant African landscapes and scenery, majestic wildlife, and not to mention an incredibly envious photo of her enjoying a nice bottle of wine in Swellendam. Lindsay is one of those seasoned travelers who can really offer a lot of practical knowledge to those less experienced.


hungry escapades travel blog
Rob and Kellie of Hungry Escapades

Hungry Escapades

I love when I see a story of a guy and a girl who realized a common dream and went after it together. And that’s exactly what these two are doing. On the Hungry Escapades travel blog, Rob and Kellie are sharing their preparation for pilgrimage around the world – and they’re enjoying every flavor.

Many of their pieces feature unique cuisines that can be found throughout the world. One of my favorites is their article on cheese and spinach filo pie. YUM! They even give the needed ingredients and how to prepare it! Rob and Kellie also provide traveling tips, like choosing the perfect backpack and savings tips for your adventures. These two are just about as cool as they come. They are also huge into house-sitting – check out their latest adventures here!


All of these individuals just emit this amazing energy and happiness – they are on that other path, one of many that they could have chosen from. They embraced their happiness – and are constantly on the quest for more. These individuals are just a few of the many (many!) out there who have decided to let go of conformity and explore the world for something more unique and distinct to who they are.

I will be adding more to this list as time goes on. I’m always coming across blogs that compel me to intently lean forward in my seat with big bright eyes while reading their stories. I can only hope that someday, I’ll be able to inspire as much as these folks have.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
-Henry David Thoreau

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  1. You are a doll! What a very kind thing for you to do. It must have been a great deal of work to put this together and I greatly appreciate you mentioning me. Thank you so much. You touched me deeply with your kind word, Marissa. :)

    1. Bill, you’re very welcome. You deserve recognition – you do so much for others every day.

      Have a great weekend :)

  2. Awww, cheers Marissa! You really made our day, thanks for your lovely words it means a lot to be included. Glad you enjoyed the pie! But what crazy person wouldn’t like pie right?? 😉

  3. Marissa, You’re so adorable! And so thoughtful! Thank you for including me in this amazing list! It’s moments like these that are the best of this whole blogging experience! Also, re-reading my Meet South Africa article that you mentioned reminded me that I never finished what I started! I have so many more South Africa blog posts to write, and somehow I was pulled off on a few major tangents!

    1. Lindsay, I’m so glad that you liked it! I am really looking forward to reading more about South Africa – I’d love to go there one day.

      Take care –

    1. Awesome bloggers like you need recognition! So glad I stumbled across your blog – now I’m forever hooked.

      Enjoy your trip and take care


  4. Thank you so much for including me in your list Marissa, I’m truly honoured! And I just love your new blog – I’m so excited to follow along on your journey, and wish you all the very best :)

    1. Hi Hannah! I’m glad you liked it. I’m excited too and I can’t wait to share my adventures with everyone.

      Take care :)

    1. Claire, so glad you liked it. We are both about to embark on incredible journeys! I’m so excited to see where yours takes you.


  5. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We love seeing young people who know that they don’t have to do things the traditional way, which apparently doesn’t work anymore anyhow! Our daughter is getting ready to launch her own travel adventure, and our son will likely follow in her footsteps after he graduates from college. Love the Tiny Pilgrim name! Looking forward to reading about your adventures as well.

    1. I hope more young people realize that they can do whatever their hearts desire – just takes some motivation, courage, and determination. Good luck to your daughter! Such an exciting time for her. And to her brother – sounds like they are on some great paths.

      Thank you so much for stopping by – I look forward to following along with you as well.

      Take care

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